Rock Rose Gin Cocktail Recipes from the Ellis Mack Pop-Up Bar

We’ve been on tour with the Ellis Mack pop-up cocktail bar in recent weeks at the Scottish Hotel Awards in April and the Catering in Scotland Excellence Awards last week, once again teaming up with the expert mixologists at Liquid Academy to offer the attendees some exclusive mixes – which didn’t disappoint!

Gin cocktails were the order of the day, with 3 Rock Rose gin concoctions, expertly designed by Michael Cameron at Liquid Academy. They were such a hit we thought it would be remiss of us to let these recipes go unpublished! Why not give these gorgeous summer drinks a go yourself?

‘Heartlands’ (from Scottish Hotel Awards, 23rd April 2017

Heartlands - Rock Rose Gin Cocktail










  • 35ml Rock Rose Highland gin
  • 10ml lightly peat-smoked fino sherry (we foraged peat from a wooded hill on Speyside, then dehydrated, powdered and used   Polyscience’s Smoking Gun to infuse it into dry sherry)
  • 10ml raspberry ripple syrup (rich simple syrup – 2:1 sugar: water – infused with fresh Scottish raspberries & vanilla pods)
  • 10ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 25ml pressed pineapple juice
  • Absinthe (a delicate mist over the surface of the drink)
Shake & fine-strain into a chilled coupe glass & decorate with fresh, plump raspberries & dehydrated pineapple. Mist in absinthe & serve.


‘Time & Tide’ (from CIS Awards, 25th May 2017)
time and tide
  • 35ml Rock Rose 
  • 25ml pressed apple juice
  • 10ml freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 15ml chilled lemongrass tea
  • 25ml rose & fennel seed posca (this is a 1:1 blend of sour wine & honey, infused with toasted/crushed fennel seeds & laced with rose water to taste)
  • Absinthe (our favourite ingredient!  Once again, just a delicate mist over the surface of the drink will suffice)
Shake & fine-strain into a chilled fluted glass, decorate with a long sprig of rosemary & serve misted in absinthe.
‘Red Aphrodite’ (from CIS Awards, 25th May 2017)
  • 35ml Rock Rose 
  • 25ml peppered strawberry & balsamic shrub (this is simply 3 parts hulled & quartered Scottish strawberries, covered in 1 part sugar. We then season with roughly-blitzed mixed peppercorns, mix & steep in the fridge for a full day. Then, we filter the mixture and blend with 1 part balsamic vinegar, whisking well before bottle-resting the shrub in the fridge for a week or so to unite flavours)
  • 10ml lemon drizzle sherbet (1:1 freshly squeezed lemon juice & vanilla sugar)
  • Lemon verbena cream soda, to top (this is simply a bit richer 2:1 simple syrup infused with vanilla & a bit of new summer lemon verbena herb, charged with fizzy water)
Shake all ingredients apart from verbena cream soda & fine-strain into a 10oz highball glass filled to the brim with ice cubes.  Charge with verbena soda, decorate with a hulled quarter strawberry and a single basil leaf & serve with straws.