tis the season to pick up some extra shifts – the benefits of working during the winter holidays for the hospitality industry

by: | November 29th, 2019 | Ellis Mack Blog

Christmas is less than a month away, and while most of the UK is planning their winter holidays and arranging Hogmanay night outs, thousands of hospitality workers across the UK will be working ten hour+ shifts. It is the busiest time of the year, so the pressure is on for everyone in the service industry.

Though it is not easy making the sacrifice to work instead of spending time at home with friends and family, there are some major benefits to working during the holidays. Here are Ellis Mack Recruitment’s list of pros to picking up shifts now until New Year:

#1 The pay raise:


Firstly, and probably the most important reason to have your name on the Christmas ROTA, is the money. You bet your bottom dollar that hotel stayers and restaurant diners will be feeling the Christmas spirit when it comes to the tip jar. Try double or even triple the love during this time thanks to a healthy mix of too much booze and Christmas spirit. For those who don’t expect tips, there are many establishments that offer holiday bonuses or special pay during this busy time.

#2 You will get some serious love for volunteering by your employer:


If you don’t have any real commitments during the holiday, volunteering can get you some I-O-U’s with the boss. By showing that you are a team player during a time of year that is meant for over-eating and over-pouring, your employer may through you some extra time off or compensation to say thank you.

#3 It might actually be fun:


Your hospitality crew can feel more like a family than your actual one if you work together enough. As long as you like your co-workers, you may actually enjoy pushing through the busy time as a team. And if you’re lucky, the boss will be feeling jolly at the end of the night, they may let you have a drink, or two, or three.You can plan your me-time holiday

#4 You can plan your me-time holiday:


When it is over, your holiday finally begins! January is normally the slowest month of the year for the hospitality industry, so expect less hours and tips and more me-time or happy nights out with your colleagues. You will be knackered by the 2nd of January, so you deserve some down time.

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