Top Tips for landing a job interview by Ellis Mack Recruitment

by: | February 25th, 2020 | Ellis Mack Blog, Job Seeker Tips

Recognising you are unhappy in your current role is not difficult but doing something about it can be for most people. Job sites like Indeed, Caterer and LinkedIn offer free applications for prospective applicants, but the wait and see period that comes after you submit your CV can feel like forever. Potential candidates, like yourself, may not be aware of just how many applications employers receive, sometimes in the hundreds. So how do you stand out from the pack and get to the next level? We have put together a list of helpful tips that will get you closer to the interview.

#1 Learn how to write a CV and Cover Letter that will impress employers

Before the digital age, CVs were delivered by mail where companies were much more compelled to see what was inside the envelope (a classy touch that you can still do today) and personal recommendations were everything. The hospitality industry is a community where good customer service continues to be an invaluable skill to possess, but with so many applications coming through multiple online channels, it can be hard to showcase your skillset on a one page CV. Fret not, there are ways to be noticed, but you will need to put some effort in every job application. Many companies are utilising keyword searches throughout their hiring process to see if someone has specific criteria i.e. “at least five years of head chef experience.” These required fields are the terms you should be incorporating in your CV and cover letter (always being truthful about your qualifications though, as you don’t want to blow your opportunity). Think of this as a quality exercise than a quantity exercise that will make it easier for you to match with your dream job. Another helpful hint is to design your CV in Microsoft Word, rather than a different software like InDesign or Photoshop, because Word CVs make keyword searches easier for employers. Graphic designed CVs may look brilliant, but they are more difficult to be picked up.

#2 Optimise your personal Facebook page to coincide with your job-hunting efforts

As you may be aware of already, Facebook has made job applying very easy. Companies can easily post their jobs on offer and use targeted ads aimed at your job title and location on Facebook. However, what you need to do to is make similar updates to your personal Facebook profile as you have with your CV and Cover Letter. If you don’t update your location if you have moved recently, have left out key information regarding your work history, education or experience and/or if you have old contact information, you may be missing out on being headhunted through Facebook’s algorithm. After you have updated your page and applied for the role, we recommend messaging the company via private message or email directly with a more polished version of your CV and Cover Letter. Going that extra mile will make a huge impact through your application process.

#3 Work with a recruiter

Did you know recruitment agencies don’t cost you anything other than your time to search for a position with them? And remember what we said about personal recommendations of the past? Well, that is what a recruiter can do. They vouch for you and help you cut the long queue by providing the following assistance:

  • Prep questions: a recruiter will have a list of questions provided by their clients that they will run through with you. Think of it as a soft interview before you meet with the employer. Pro tip – always look at the job description and practice responses to potential questions about your experience. This can be done via Skype, telephone or in-person. Note: you will need to provide identification that proves you can work in the UK. This is a service Ellis Mack Recruitment provides for their clients to ensure all ducks are in a row before they recommend you for a job.
  • Help you recognise what position you qualify for: you may be overqualified for your current role or jobs you see on offer online, or you may think you have enough experience to work in a higher paying establishment, but in actual fact, you may need to take a lower role in a more competitive work environment. For example, if you are currently a sous chef in a pub and wanted to apply to work at a Michelin star restaurant, you may need to take on a Chef de Partie role to work your way up and receive the proper training before being promoted. Alternatively, if you are a well-established chef, your recruitment agency may know when a client is looking to hire before a job ad is published online. Therefore, you can cut the line, and a lot of the time, bypass the HR managers and be talked up to the Head Chef or Hotel owner by your recruiter that has a relationship with those key decision makers.
  • Provide tips on how to interview or how to write your CV: An agency will provide guidance on how to dress for your interview, what to say, and what to include in your CV. For example, you may have a lot of financial knowledge on how to run a kitchen or bar but forget to include this in your CV. An agency like Ellis Mack Recruitment will be sure to bring your CV up to standard with ease.
  • Find temp work: Interested in a more flexible work environment? We recommend coming into our office in Glasgow to join our temp staff division which includes relief chefs, kitchen porters and housekeepers that are looking to work as often as you like. Ellis Mack Recruitment has an established relationship within the hospitality industry across the UK, so we can act as advocates on your behalf when you are looking to pick up a shift on the fly or take on a temporary contract.
  • & so much more!

We hope you have taken on board some of the many ways you can land a job interview and are here to help if you have a question. Contact one of the Ellis Mack team members on +44 141 548 8246 or email your CV to for job placement assistance.